About Me

Born in Medellin , Colombia  (1980)

A Little Intro

My work deals primarily with language, how is created , how it’s perceived, and how arbitrary it can be. In order to work on this questions I’ve created my own system of symbols , my own alphabet. It’s linked with the concept of semiotics, the study of meaning- making , the study of sign processes and meaningful communication. This includes the study of signs and sign processes (semiosis).
I created a system 6 characters, that rotate on their own axis 4 times to make a total 24, then flipped one of them to make a 25th. This is my “Rosetta stone” or decoder. With this shapes I aim to show structures of language, or better yet I aim to play with a visual language, creating speech bubbles, palindromes, heaps of language and different metaphors to represent how we understand written and spoken language.

Solo Exhibitions

Westobou Gallery,  Augusta GA  ( upcoming ,June 2017)
GER-ART Gallery, Atlanta  GA  December 9 – January 12 2016
West Side Art center , Atlanta,  March 2016 ” DECAHEDRON ”
GER-ART Gallery, Atlanta  ” ( A) round . November 2015

Residencies And Special Projects

ART-LAB High Museum of Art , Atlanta.  Summer 2016
Becoming part of the permanent collection,  January 2017
Hambidge artist Residency,  August 2016

Group Exhibitions

Zuckerman Museum of Art , Kennesaw.
” Racecar ” ( Upcoming,  June 2017)
Hambidge 2016 Art auction , April 2016
High Museum of Art , Atlanta ” Sprawl” summer 2015
Hambidge 2015 Art auction,  April 2015
Lowes Hotel ” Latin contemporary ” august 2013
Spruill Gallery ” latinGA” June 2010

Permanent Collections

High Museum of Art, Atlanta.